3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Customer Communication

B. Fredriksen
July 15th, 2020 - 9:16AM

By now we’ve all heard about the “new normal,” a phrase which has quickly come to represent the massive overhaul felt throughout personal and business lives. Customers suddenly staying home. Businesses looking for new ways to engage. And everyone simply trying to stay connected. 

With such upheaval, engaging your customer base is paramount. But doing so can be trickier than it sounds. Need a little help? We’ve gathered our top three recommendations to improve your customer communications right now. 

1. Adjust Your Tone

In messaging it isn’t just about what you say and when you say, but how you say it. The right tone sets the pace for the rest of the conversation, and in today’s landscape, tone is more important than ever. 

Adapting to the new normal we find ourselves in means communicating in a different manner. Being sensitive to the ongoing issues your customers are facing. Looking for opportunities to support instead of sell. Emphasizing that your customer is more than a number to your business. The voice you use now could be the determining factor between keeping your loyal, engaged customer base or potentially losing them to a competitor. Make sure you are hitting all the right notes.

2. Lean on Your Digital Channels

With in-person meetings and meet-ups temporarily suspended, customers are now relying on digital channels to communicate not only with their friends and family, but with the companies they do business with. 

While it can be said that companies are still relying on a mix of traditional and digital communications, many have opted to lean heavily into their digital capabilities. Taking advantage of previous digital transformation efforts to stay in contact with customers, wherever they may be. OSG Digital Solutions provides the means to optimize digital communications, leveraging the channels that are incorporating into their lives.

3. Emphasize How You Can Help

Customers today are being inundated with messages, with everything ranging from the current landscape to the next incredible sale. Standing out in all that chaos takes a finely tuned message that is relevant and meaningful. 

How do you do that? Initiating conversations and programs that provide your customers with support throughout this transitional time period. It isn’t about the hard sell anymore, but instead about expanding a partnership that can benefit your customers for the new normal, today and tomorrow. 

As we’ve covered in our previous blogs, the communication landscape is constantly in flux, with new technologies being adopted and customer preferences shifting. While our new normal may present new challenges and new obstacles, the key to success is the flexibility to adapt and communicate. Get started now.

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