“The Venn diagram formed by the intersection of data, analytics and CX gives organizations the tools they need to drive clear business decisions, achieve outcomes and operate more efficiently.” – Forbes

Unless you have recently found yourself in a galaxy far, far away (or cut off from the world in some other less spaceship-related way), you’ve likely heard and contributed to the chatter surrounding the two most ubiquitous topics of 2019: customer experience and digital transformation. Articles galore have run down the benefits offered to a company by these two concepts. Whether it be hordes of potential loyal customers or operational perfection, each represent a unique and ostensibly underutilized resource.

Positive Customer Experience: The ability of a company to repeatedly engage customers, creating thoughtful and beneficial interactions throughout the entirety of the customer lifecycle.

Digital Transformation: A company’s transition from traditional paper-based systems to technologically-driven operations, with a focus on incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics capabilities across departments and functionalities.

These drivers are often analyzed under two different microscopes of business acumen, but in our current climate, they actually belong on the same slide. According to Gartner, “More than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to customer experience by 2020.” This surge in corresponding projects underscores the interactivity of these company drivers – impacting and propelling each other forward.

The digital transformation seen across companies and industries has created a revolution for the customer experience. The drastic increase in both the quantity and the quality of customer data available has given companies direct insight into their customer like never before, leading to refined communications, engaging interactions and innovative product development.

But such is the nature of human interaction that as soon as the expectation has been met, the bar is raised again. The perpetual race to meet the latest level of customer expectation acting as a stimulant for evermore enhanced digital solutions, feeding back into the cycle of new products and solutions driven by the customer.

It’s become obvious that intertwined with the future of a company’s customer experience is the digital transformation that company find themselves in. As one marches forward, inexorably so does the other. Contact us to learn more.

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