The Hidden Costs of In-House Printing

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Many companies believe that in-house printing offers control and flexibility. However, what is often overlooked is the notion that in-house printing may not align with their core business focus and is not a strategic investment. Consider a scenario where a health insurance provider is the focus: their expertise is centered on improving members’ health, not necessarily on optimizing printing or email communication practices.

Furthermore, companies often fail to account for the substantial expenses tied to outdated equipment, staffing, supplies, and technology, which typically yield minimal returns for the business. Additionally, handling printing internally frequently results in inefficiencies, particularly concerning mailing programs and postal services.

After working with numerous organizations to outsource their printing efforts, we’ve witnessed the transformative benefits firsthand.

  1. Reduced Costs & Investment: Leasing or purchasing and maintaining printing and mailing equipment is expensive. Factor in staffing, storage space, technology, and ongoing supply expenses, and the financial burden becomes apparent. Outsourcing printing frees up capital, streamlines operations, and allows businesses to reinvest savings back into their core activities.
  2. Enablement of Business Continuity Programs: Natural disasters, pandemics, or regional issues can disrupt in-house printing operations, jeopardizing customer service and revenue streams. A robust business continuity plan is essential. Providers with nationwide production facilities ensure uninterrupted service, regardless of location-based disruptions.
  3. Stringent Security & Compliance: Protecting company information and customer data is paramount. Maintaining the necessary security and compliance protocols can be challenging without specialized expertise. Outsourcing printing to a trusted partner ensures that stringent protocols are consistently enforced, safeguarding sensitive information.

In fact, our cost analysis has revealed that in-house printing facilities with minimal staff and equipment rarely break even. The majority of our mid-market clients have transitioned to our outsourced production facilities, realizing significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

For instance, our data consistently shows that businesses transitioning from an in-house print shop conversion to our outsourced production facility typically enjoy a 20-50% cost reduction and a remarkable 60% or more increase in efficiency. The real value lies in our clients’ enhanced ability to communicate with their customers more effectively and efficiently, requiring less effort on their part. Leveraging our industry-leading best practices, proven programs, and cutting-edge technology—on which we’ve made substantial investments—our clients can refocus on what they do best.

This not only demonstrates the financial benefits but also underscores the strategic advantage of outsourcing printing and mailing needs. By partnering with us, businesses can refocus on their core solutions and value proposition, driving growth and success.

In conclusion, while in-house printing may seem appealing, the hidden costs, diversions from core business strategies, and operational complexities can outweigh the perceived benefits. Outsourcing printing services presents a viable, cost-effective, and efficient alternative, empowering businesses to thrive amidst today’s competitive landscape.