Digital Presentment

Improve Customer Engagement with Secure Digital Presentment

Provide Digital Billing & Statements Tailored to Consumer Preferences

In today’s dynamic landscape, consumer expectations for flexible invoice and statement delivery options are evolving rapidly. With a growing preference for electronic and paperless communications, particularly among younger demographics, and the increasing prevalence of remote work arrangements, the importance of digital channels for critical communications cannot be overstated.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, roughly two-thirds of credit card customers have opted into paperless billing, up from 36% a few years ago.

At OSG, we specialize in delivering secure digital ePresentment solutions that seamlessly align with both consumer needs and your business objectives.

Security & Compliance Focused​

Our comprehensive Digital Engagement solution offers:

  • Secure, electronic presentation of bills, statements, or invoices online via your customer / member website or presented via our electronic portal with mobile responsiveness built in
  • Convenient email or SMS notifications ensuring consumers are promptly informed when a document is ready to view and/or pay
  • Multiple electronic payment options facilitating quick bill pay from any device or computer, at any time
  • Archiving of past invoices and bills, accessible as PDFs for future reference
  • Customizable Opportunities for targeted marketing or compliance messaging
  • Strategically crafted Digital Adoption campaigns, guiding consumers through a seamless transition from paper to digital communications

Benefits to Consumers / Members

Quick and hassle-free access to important financial documents accessible from any device

Expedited payments through digital payment methods

Improved customer / member experience

Comprehensive access to historical bills, statements, and documents

Enhanced awareness of targeted products or services

Reduction in physical mail

Benefits to your Business

Elevated customer / member retention through secure, electronic document delivery tailored to individual preferences
Accelerated billing and payment cycles, improving cash flow

Access to analytics, tracking customer/member activity, providing valuable insights to enhance engagement and continually improve the user experience

Empowerment through Customer Service Portal access to better serve your customers or members 

Reduced operational costs from decreased printing, postage, and mailing expenses
Strengthened brand presence, reflecting a commitment to digital-first engagement
Amplified opportunities for targeted marketing or compliance messaging
Embrace eco-friendly business practices


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