How to Strengthen 1:1 Relationships with Customer Journey Solutions

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The end goal for every brand, no matter the vertical, is to bring your customers on a journey with you. 

Thinking of your customer’s experience as a “journey” prevents short-term, one-off thinking when it comes to how you communicate with them and the offers you present. For instance, many businesses might be tempted to view paying bills as transactional. With a simple shift in thinking and approach, you can use paying bills—and other actions—as stepping stones for strengthening relationships with customers.

Customer journeys explained in more detail

In essence, a customer journey is the series of both direct and indirect interactions an individual has with your brand, product or service along their path to purchase. The customer journey broadly maps to five phases: awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and referral. Direct interactions across these phases include contacting customer support, clicking a call-to-action button to learn more about an offer or paying a bill. Examples of indirect interactions across these phases include being exposed to a brand at an event, on social media or via another channel. Understanding these interactions in aggregate gives your brand critical insight into potential and engaged customers.

As you can imagine, no single customer journey is the same, and your tactics will vary based on different phases on the path to purchase. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have brand consistency across each touchpoint customers interact with to provide a seamless experience. You can learn more about which of these online and offline channels, messages and offer types most resonate with customers throughout the purchase funnel by assessing the data behind each of these areas. From there, you can craft a personalized, 1:1 approach that ideally leads to the outcome you want for that customer. 

What are customer journey solutions?

Executing a successful customer journey is no easy task. With the proliferation of touchpoints across both online and offline channels, the explosion of data these produce and increased consumer demand for relevant communications, you need the right integrated technology, centralized data and operational management to hit the mark. 

Enter customer journey solutions, which create seamless customer experiences that can boost acquisition, retention, and loyalty. These solutions are underpinned by marketing technology that can target and select your customers for multi-channel—such as email, direct mail, phone and SMS—campaigns, giving them choice and flexibility in how they want to view and pay their bills, and otherwise engage with your brand. With better organization of data, operational efficiencies and streamlined technology, customer journey solutions can act like a command center for better user experience and business outcomes. 

The capabilities behind customer journey solutions

Just like no single customer journey is exactly like another, the same holds true for customer journey solutions. The best customer journey solutions will have the following features and benefits: 

  • The analysis, modeling and qualification of incoming data to help you understand in a holistic way how to attract the right customers, drive loyalty and deliver better customer experience. Many businesses struggle to manage all of the data they have let alone use it to create personalized experiences. Getting a full picture of your customers’ preferences and behaviors helps determine the best way to reach and engage them.

  • Expertise and capabilities across both offline and online channels so you can choose the best marketing mix. You might be experienced in certain channels your customers use, like print, but not others, like social media. The right customer journey solution will offer all the necessary capabilities across both offline and online channels so you can choose the best mix for your business goals.

  • A SaaS platform that enables automated, seamless interaction across channels based on individual customer behaviors and profile settings. Part of the reason marketers struggle to execute excellent customer journeys is because they have many disparate point solutions for different channels. Siloed data and channels make it impossible to coordinate cohesive communications across touchpoints. Integrated technology and data = improved customer experience.

  • The ability to quickly implement and customize the solution to your specific business needs without outside technical sources. Labor shortages and IT queues can cripple your customer journey solution before it even begins. A low-code, templatized system helps you get set up quickly and easily on your own.

EverView’s customer journey solutions suite

EverView offers a customer journey solutions suite to help businesses like yours engage more effectively with customers and fill gaps in your marketing strategy. We have three specific customer journey solutions designed to help guide your customers to digital adoption, payment acceleration and cross-sell/upsell actions:
  1. Digital Adoption Journey: Cut costs, get paid faster and boost customer experience with digital billing and online payment solutions. We build in digital adoption across optimized customer touchpoints such as email, print and digital ads, using a performance-focused approach to solve digital transformation challenges. 
  2. Digital Payment Journey: Increase on-time payments and reduce/recover missed payments by combining transactional notices and marketing messages across touchpoints like SMS, email, ringless voicemail, print and web. EverView offers a variety of payment methods to help your customers pay the way they prefer, while also helping your business get paid faster. Some of our most popular payment methods include ACH, text, debit/credit card, check, cash, Apple Pay, Papaya, and Paysafe Cash.
  3. Cross-Sell/Upsell Journey: Deliver 1:1 personalization at scale across all channels including email, SMS, print, digital ads and web with upsell/cross-sell messaging about new products and services. Services in this offering include list management and enhancement with contact, geo-demographic and lifestyle data; strategic planning, ideation and creation of key cross-channel marketing campaigns; and performance marketing with integrated and personalized channels.

Get started with customer journey solutions today

Don’t let a lack of resources, expertise and technology stop you from orchestrating an amazing customer journey for your users. Reach your current and potential customers at each stage of the buyer journey, from awareness and acquisition to retention and customer service, with EverView’s full suite of customer journey solutions.
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