Fraternal Order of Eagles Joins Forces with EverView for Membership Renewals

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Fraternal Order of Eagles Joins Forces with OSG for Invoice Presentment and Delivery

OSG, a leading provider of outsourced billing and statement services and customer communication management, announced today that it is now providing invoice presentment services to The Fraternal Order of Eagles for their membership renewals.   

The Fraternal Order of Eagles will be transferring the printing and mailing of their membership renewals to OSG. Until now the Order has handled these tasks in-house. They will also take advantage of some of OSG’s innovative marketing solutions such as Full Color Dynamic Messaging and Full Color Envelope Messaging to enhance their invoice packages with targeted messaging. They will also use OSG MailTrek, a robust mail tracking application that will allow them to stay abreast of outgoing bills and incoming payments.        

“We are very happy to partner with OSG for the printing and mailing of our membership renewal invoices,” said Vince Kinman, Director of Membership for The Fraternal Order of Eagles. “Tapping into their expertise in invoice presentment will allow us to offer our customers better invoices, targeted messaging and timelier receipt. This in turn will help improve our revenue stream through quicker payments.”

Ron Whaley, OSG Chief Revenue Officer said, “We’re very excited about this new relationship with The Fraternal Order of Eagles. We are honored that this august organization is entrusting us to facilitate their customer communications. In addition to redesigning the invoices and expediting mail delivery, we also hope to introduce electronic bill payments as well in the foreseeable future.”   

About OSG

OSG is a next-generation business technology partner providing integrated multichannel print and electronic solutions through a state-of-the-art processing environment. OSG offers comprehensive and flexible solutions including electronic billing and invoice/statement services, document printing and mailing and a suite of forward-thinking marketing solutions. Progressive communication technologies enable OSG’s clients to transform their customer interactions to drive revenue, reduce costs and strengthen relationships.

With decades of experience as a business outsourcer for total customer communication management, OSG has the knowledge and expertise to best suit the needs of the telecommunications, leasing, financial services, distribution, healthcare, heating oil/propane and publishing markets. A solid reputation has made OSG an award-winning transactional communication provider.

About The Fraternal Order of Eagles

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is an international non-profit organization uniting fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope.

The F.O.E. donates more than $10 million a year to local communities, fundraisers, charities and more. As part of its philosophy, the F.O.E. gives back 100 percent of monies raised in the form of grants. Fundraisers are conducted for eight major charities, including kidney, heart, diabetes, cancer and spinal cord injury funds, a children’s fund, memorial foundation and the Golden Eagle Fund.