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B. Fredriksen
January 30th, 2020 - 3:59AM

What do digital transformation and the latest crispy chicken sandwich fad have in common? They’ve both taken the interwebs by storm. And with the “line” for digital transformation out the door and around the block, you might think traditional payment methods had been tossed out with last week’s paper. The reality? A very different story. In fact, according to our Payments Market Evaluation and Opportunity Assessment executed by PayFi, check payment – arguably one of the most traditional forms of payment – currently makes up 35 percent of consumer payments and 45 percent of business payments in the United States alone.

As a leader in omnichannel payment solutions, OSG enables our clients to accept customer payments across traditional and digital channels. Because let’s face it: sometimes you want the latest crispy chicken sandwich and sometimes you want the traditional bucket o’ chicken.

OSG Lockbox “unlocks” check-based payments, streamlining the entire process from acceptance to remittance. Tailored to the needs of both high and low-volume clients, the nation-wide offering delivers a centralized view of all receivables activity.

The Benefits:

  • Check processing cost savings
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding
  • Improved service quality
  • Data visibility
  • Compliance with continuously-evolving data security requirements

From mobile apps to checks to cash, every customer has their own preferred payment method. Seamlessly integrated within our expansive transactional suite, OSG Lockbox is yet another spoke in our payments wheelhouse, giving the end-customer freedom to pay when and how they choose.   

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