OSG is Now EverView

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We’re excited to announce that OSG has changed its corporate identity to EverView. As this new brand, our mission is to transform paper billing and payment operations into omnichannel interactions that cut our clients’ billing costs, shorten payment cycles, and reduce environmental impact, while helping to unlock new business opportunities.
With our deep roots in billing, we know that when asked to pay, people pay attention. We call it the “moment that matters.” In today’s world of the hyper-connected consumer, companies must engage in more meaningful, valuable and profitable ways. While bill presentment might be an obligation, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about your customers so you can tailor future communications and offers to their preferences. EverView’s new omnichannel SaaS platform combines best-in-class MarTech, FinTech, and AdTech capabilities to help our customers create those meaningful engagements.

Three core solutions for customer engagement management

The EverView platform enables your engagement with customers in three areas:
  1. Present – Deliver intuitive omnichannel communications in print and digital formats, including our flagship dynamic document composer – a customizable, data-driven experience that is responsive on any device and reduces the cost of printed statements.
  2. Pay – Make any payment option available the moment a customer is ready so you get paid faster. With EverView, you can offer a variety of compliant, secure payment options so your customers can pay anytime, anywhere.
  3. Promote – Use your customer data to drive additional revenue opportunities via personalized messaging and offers. These omnichannel journeys keep your customers engaged with your brand so loyalty goes up and attrition goes down.

Driving greater digital adoption

Paper costs have steadily risen approximately 25% over the course of two years1, and according to survey results we conducted amongst key decision makers on their digital adoption plans, 53% report that increased paper costs had an impact on their business in the past year.

We integrate both online and offline touchpoints to drive greater digital adoption and unlock the full potential of your relationships with your customers. We do this by harnessing data generated by millions of touchpoints every day. The ability to orchestrate, capture and analyze so many interactions, provides a more precise and detailed picture of who your customers actually are. Plus, the EverView platform’s flexibility and customization enable you to apply these insights to make more of what you do relevant, personalized and visible to those customers.

Where others see one-off transactions, we provide a different view. EverView enables an infinite loop of customer engagement that begins with billing but goes well beyond—from capturing revenue to cultivating the relationships that create ongoing value for both brand and consumer. 

Are you ready to learn more? Read our press release and get in touch to schedule a demo.