From Data to Digital: The Transformation Evolution

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When the concept of digital transformation first arrived on the scene, it wasted no time in climbing the ladder to become the new hot fad among business innovators. Seemingly overnight, leading corporations began integrating digital strategy into their existing business plans. But despite all the talk and hashtags, for many, the word transformation still conjures imagery of Cinderella-like metamorphoses, occurring in as little as “bibbity bobbity boo.” The reality? Slightly more complicated. 

To put it simply: transformation is neither an overnight endeavor nor a stand-alone event. 

For a brand to truly transform, an inherent understanding of all that makes up “going digital” must exist. Everything from the people to the tech to the data. 

And while digital transformation is a term known and loved among business leaders, the term “data transformation” has not quite reached that peak of popularity. And in fact, is often incorrectly juxtaposed with digital transformation. So what is data transformation? The process of transforming raw data into a usable format. Easy to say, not so easy to implement.

Put into context, if transformation is thought of as the process that it truly is, then data transformation is the launching off point. Because in the digital landscape, data drives everything. And bad or unusable data is the equivalent of a GPS directing you left instead of right. Not helpful. 

By cleansing and formatting your data, you equip yourself with a sort of guide to your continued transformation. How so? Well, with the right data in place, you can accurately align your strategy with your customers’ expectations. Putting into place the new technology–from communication channels to payment options–that will provide relevant connection points for your customers. 

And without it, you are left in the dark. Strategizing randomly, guided only by your internal assumptions and preferences. 

The process of digital transformation can often seem like a daunting challenge, mastered only by the strongest of the pack. And while data transformation isn’t a magic fix, it does create a starting point, guiding you in the right direction for your company and more importantly, your customer. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go.