Engaging, Clear Communication: The Key to Resident Engagement

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As we embark on the second half of the year, property management companies and homeowners associations (HOAs) are gearing up for a busy season filled with crucial activities and communications. This period is vital for generating revenue and increasing cash flow, as it involves the distribution of statements, invoices, coupon books, and budget matters.

Effective communication with homeowners and residents is a significant challenge for property management companies and HOAs. Residents seek clear, engaging, and timely updates on matters impacting their homes, communities, and finances. Meeting their needs with friendly, engaging communication is essential for encouraging prompt action.

Key Strategies for Effective Communications

To help property management companies and HOAs enhance their communication programs, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Determine Your Communication Schedule for the Rest of 2024
    You have numerous items to communicate, including dues assessments, budget approvals, and payment deadlines. Plan your communications schedule to give residents ample time to read, ask questions, and respond. Publish a calendar to inform residents when to expect these communications so they can be prepared. Advance notice is especially helpful as residents may need to budget for assessments or dues.
  2. Seek Resident Feedback
    Regularly solicit feedback from residents on how communication can be improved. Use surveys to gather their ideas on better methods. In addition to printed notices, residents may suggest practical solutions such as email reminders, community messaging via social media, or text messages, which can keep important tasks like dues or assessment deadlines top of mind.
  3. Streamline with a Single Vendor
    Managing multiple vendors for resident communication can be challenging. Opt for a single partner capable of managing all your communication needs across various channels while meeting your critical deadlines. This approach simplifies the process and ensures consistency in messaging.

Preparing for the Future

Now is the ideal time to evaluate your current resident communication processes and providers. Having an efficient plan and system in place will help maintain effective communication with your residents.

By focusing on clear, engaging communication, property management companies and HOAs can foster better resident engagement and ensure a smoother, more productive end-of-year season.

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