For many, the word “transformation” carries an undertone of digital specificity. And why wouldn’t it? The past 12 months have been a real-time case study, with consumers and organizations alike turning to digital transformation as a beacon of continued connectivity. But the truth of the matter is, organizational transformation is so much more than just digital.

Customer attention has never been at such a premium. And while the outside world may have slowed down, customer communication certainly did not. In fact, in many cases, communication skyrocketed. Making the time in which you can capture your customer’s attention that much more valuable.

We’ve spoken before of the power of the micromoment. Those small (and sometimes overlooked) moments in which you hold 100% of your customer’s focus.

The power of these moments cannot be understated. It is within these seconds, that you, as an organization, are afforded the opportunity to transform attention into retention.

A big statement for such a succinct amount of time. But when you analyze these micromoments at a macro level, you are able to more acutely observe the power of what some would classify as “a few seconds here and there.” Because in reality, very few customers will spend hours of their day researching and understanding your brand. For better or worse, snap judgements made based on communication style and channel are what form most a brand’s reputation.

Wanna know a secret? The great brands—the kind that customers actively seek out and consistently look to as their NorthStar of what a good brand should be—are the ones that don’t just capture the moment but use it to spur loyalty with personalized messaging designed to further the customer relationship.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it could be as simple as knowing your customer recently made a purchase and including a promotional message for a related product on their next bill or invoice.

It all comes back to transformation. Transforming seemingly irrelevant interactions into true moments of engagement.  Transforming attention into retention.

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