Back to the Future of Payments

B. Fredriksen
December 12th, 2019 - 3:59AM

The future of technology has long been a focus of conversation with nearly everyone theorizing and hypothesizing the ethereal “could be.” From robots taking over the world to self-tying sneakers and floating skateboards, we can’t help but imagine where new technology might take us. Billing and payments are no different. While slightly less glamorous than shiny robots delivering dinner on a silver tray, the payments landscape has undergone significant shifts to deliver enhanced solutions that fit our digital-first society.

The crux of the payment revolution is customers’ desire to pay when and how they choose. To complicate matters, this preference could change from week to week or from month to month. What does this mean? You must be prepared to change with your customers in real time. If you aren’t, they will find a brand that can.

But while customers seek the ease and flexibility of digital payments, you would be remiss to think they alone benefit from a shift in the payment perspective. Between lower overhead, improved cash flow and the creation of new marketing and communication opportunities, one thing is clear:  The digital payment trend is bringing out the big guns.

OSG’s B2C Payments integrates the multitude of customer payment options into one cohesive platform, making it easy for customers to view and pay their bills however and whenever they want.

A payment is an interaction and an engagement between you and your customer, with a variety of x-factors that contribute to making it a positive or negative experience. The design of OSG’s B2C payments solution allows you to customize and personalize:

  • Multiple Payment Channels – website, mobile, mail…let the customer decide
  • Customer Notifications – because sometimes customers need a little reminder
  • Payment Methods – credit cards, debit cards, check, cash and more
  • Payment Schedulers – from early payments to automated payments, schedules make the world run more smoothly

But, at the end of the day, no matter how great the payment process is, it is only one piece of the puzzle for you and your customers. OSG B2C payment solution seamlessly integrates within both the transactional communication spectrum and your overall customer engagement strategy, presenting new opportunities to connect and communicate with your digital customers.

The technological advancements that continue to transform how customers receive and pay bills may seem a far cry from the predicted hoverboards and flying cars, but these digital developments have revolutionized the customer payment experience – plus, parallel parking a flying car is a challenge no one needs.

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