Top 5 Reasons OSG Is Leading the Way in Omnichannel Communications

B. Fredriksen
December 4th, 2019 - 3:59AM

Today’s communications landscape is a revolving door of new technologies and channels, funneling in and out faster than passengers on a subway. Keeping up with the rapid-fire evolution requires a specific skillset and forward-thinking initiative. But while technologies continue to emerge and evolve, the real objective of any communications strategy has been, and remains, achieving true omnichannel capability.

Keeping up with the omnichannel Joneses requires the flexibility to shift between the physical and digital channels of communication, deftly identifying the best route to your customer at any given moment. OSG leads the way in delivering personalized customer communications, meeting your clients at their point of engagement. We deliver on our promise of omnichannel communication, because we understand what it takes to get there.

1. We know print

Starting as a print and mail company, the roots of our business are firmly planted in the more traditional arm of customer engagement. While OSG is on the forefront of product development and digital transformation, we continue to strategically invest in the powerful impact of physical mailings. Why? Because in a world of digital connections, there are new opportunities for print and mail communications to elevate the customer interaction, distinguishing both brand and message.

2. We are transforming at customer speed

Technology has made the world smaller and more connected than ever before. Meeting the challenges of today’s technological world requires us to continue propelling ourselves forward, proactively introducing advanced capabilities and solutions. In doing so, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends, connecting our clients with their digital customers. In the chaotic world of communication, OSG creates an atmosphere for clients that allows them to connect with any of their customers, regardless of where they are on the journey.

3. We connect the digital and physical worlds

The difference between multichannel and omnichannel? It comes does to one word–siloes.  A company that functions within siloes can never fully realize an omnichannel experience for their customers simply because the company itself is broken into disparate segments.

At OSG, we have strategically built out our suite of communication solutions, cohesively linking individual channels and communications. The impact of this interwoven connectivity allows for each customer interaction to flow into the next, with all the details, data, and preferences.

4. We understand customer preferences

Brands today flaunt their ability to communicate in any channel, establishing new points of connection by the minute. While an argument can be made for quantity of channels, the quality of those channels is what will distinguish a brand. At the end of the day, what customers really care about is the time and effort it takes to connect with you.

The basis of our omnichannel communication strategy is to provide the appropriate point of connection for your customers, whether the channel is always digital, always print, or changes with the wind. Developing a comprehensive understanding of each customer allows for timely reactions to requests and preference shifts – giving your communications the agility to keep step.

5. We deliver on-demand personalization

Capturing the attention of the right customer at the right time through the right channels means nothing if you aren’t delivering the right message. Customers want, and frankly expect, the brands they associate with to know them explicitly, yielding relevant engaging interactions at every juncture. Personalized, data-driven communications account for a customer’s preferences and past experiences – making each interaction as individualistic as the customer themselves.

Customers don’t live in a single-channel world. Each day finds them engaging brands over social media, through email campaigns, and by simply opening their mailbox. OSG meets your customers there and everywhere.

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