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Reach thousands in minutes.

Ringless Voicemail SMS

Tailored offline lead generation and anytime client engagement.

Revitalize your outbound efforts with ringless voicemail and SMS solutions. Ringless voicemail technology from OSG lets you drop messages right onto your customers’ phones without them having to receive a phone call. OSG works with your business on everything from dialing patterns to thorough reporting as a part of a focused effort to save your company time and money. Together, we determine the best combination of lead segmentation, dial strategy, scripting, and text messaging to maximize transfer and engagement rates.

Benefit from services that include:

Dial strategies

Tailored dial plans, whether you’re reaching out for the first time or re-engaging.

Proprietary scripting engine

Machine learning technology that improves script success over time.

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Mass SMS and MMS capabilities

Mass alerts and notifications on mobile to reach thousands of contacts at once.

Propensity modeling

A comprehensive reporting suite to constantly improve results.

Consumers are always on the move. In today’s multichannel world, you need innovative technologies to reach customers across devices. OSG can help you build out multichannel touch points through ringless voicemail, SMS, email marketing, and traditional calling. Our RVM/SMS solutions give you the power to reach customers wherever they are.

Reach prospects at any time, even when they’re on the go.

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