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In the age of digital transformation, we still lean into the power of print. Leveraging distributive print capabilities, our innovative solutions run the gamut of critical customer communications, driving impactful engagement that strengthens customer relationships. With facilities across the country and around the globe, as well as a close working relationship with the USPS, we harness the latest technology to enable accurate printing and delivery.

To ensure complete data security, our exception-based, self-monitoring systems are fully redundant, repeatable, and monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. Insight into the entire production process shows you what works, what doesn’t, and what you should be doing—empowering you to take the reins of your communications. Ready, set, print and mail.

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Our Print Solutions

Secure Communications

Bills and invoices, tax notices and subscription renewals. These are the documents that drive your business and drive your revenue.

As a leader in the communications industry, we understand the nuances and strict specifications that come with these critical documents. As a partner in our clients’ businesses, we harness the power of these documents to spur further moments of engagement that propel your business forward.

  • Bills, invoices, statements
  • Tax notices
  • Assessment documents
  • Budget mailers
  • Subscription renewals

Letters & Forms

The old saying rings true: communication is key. Be it a new company update or an annual notice, easily and efficiently distributing critical information is paramount to continued business success. Where do we step in? Removing the hassle while maintaining quality and precision in all of your printed pieces.

  • Letters
  • Late notices
  • Tax forms
  • Annual safety notices
  • Business forms
  • Envelopes

Marketing Communications

Complement existing customer outreach with targeted engagements that compel action. OSG Marketing Communications piggy-backs on your secure communications, opening the door to further connection and enhanced customer relationships.

  • Inserts
  • Direct mail
  • Postcards
  • Newsletters

Payment Documents

Checks and coupon books? We cover that, too, with the accuracy and attention to detail required in the payments landscape. Technology-enabled printers integrate Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), providing you with the latest in payment document enhancements. It’s as easy as print, mail, pay.

  • Check letters
  • Refund checks
  • Overage checks
  • Line of credit checks
  • Class action lawsuit checks
  • One-up and two-up coupon books

Our Mail Solutions

Mail Tracking

OSG Mail Tracking follows your critical communications from printer to mailbox. Working in conjunction with the USPS, OSG tracks inbound and outbound mail, keeping you informed with real time updates and reports accessible through the OSG portal. The benefits? Critical insight that allows you to forecast cash flow and business operations on a moment-by-moment basis. Start tracking.

  • Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb)

Data & Address Enhancement

Data drives insight. More accurately, the right data drives insight. OSG Data and Address Enhancement captures customer data across channels and functionalities to leverage meaningful strategy and communication.

Tapping into USPS tools and technology keeps customer data and addresses updated and ready for action, driving benefits from pre-sort cost savings to Inkjet addressing. Get data, get insight.

  • National Change of Address (NCOALink®)
  • OneCode ACS®

Data & Address Hygiene

Wash it, scrub it, clean it. OSG Data and Address Hygiene ensures your critical customer information is always correct—removing old addresses, updating new information, and delivering accurate customer data points.

Return Mail Processing

Three words you never want to hear? Return to sender. The hassle of return mail consumes time, money, and manpower. And with six billion pieces of undeliverable First-Class mail processed each year, it’s a problem that needs a solution.

Return Mail Processing automates the manual process, removing the friction of handling your undeliverable postage. Integrated closely with the USPS, our technology-enabled processes update address listings to ensure future mailings are signed, sealed, and delivered.

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