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Product Launches

New product, big impact.

Do justice to new products with a launch that creates buzz and demand. From your go-to-market strategy to implementation across channels, you need to partner with an experienced advisor to get the most out of your investment. OSG relies on research, methodology-driven processes, and painstaking attention to detail to create engaging product launch experiences. Whether you need targeted cross-channel campaigns or foundational branding tactics, deliver a product launch that is authentic, user-friendly, and effective.

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Benefit from services that include:

Online and offline content

Optimize both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce.


Product naming and identity.

Customer promotion

Get your biggest fans on board.

Product design and prototyping

Go to market with confidence.

Public relations

Create a buzz before the launch.

You only get one chance to get a product launch right. What our customer Vertex—a tax management software company—found out is there are so many moving parts to manage. OSG’s comprehensive marketing services can help. We’re experts in go-to-market strategies and cross-channel implementation, so we can handle every aspect of your product launch.

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