Let’s Go Connect: A Tagline for the Times

L. Bull
July 22nd, 2020 - 1:04PM

A tagline has to hit home. When we landed on it last year, “Let’s go connect” embodied the action-oriented, unifying spirit of OSG. Its economy of language was appealing—just three words evoked partnership, momentum, and transformation. We also liked that it favored timelessness over cleverness, avoiding language riffs or twists that would burn out in a few months time. A play on words can have a brief shelf life. Simplicity lasts. 

And as a matter of business, we do connect things. Our solutions help our clients reach their customers more effectively in critical moments. This was true back when OSG started building a reputation as a trusted print and mail partner. And it’s true right now as payment solutions and marketing services have become integral parts of our story, adding to the ways we link one stage of the journey to the next. Because improving client-customer relationships often boils down to providing consistent, immediate experiences. Those moments of engagement—when someone checks an invoice, clicks an email, texts a payment—should be direct and uncomplicated, woven into the fabric instead of sticking out. Like a good tagline. 

But in the months between tagline selection and our brand launch, one world ended and a new one began. Distance and isolation became recommended practices, and the tactical application of “anytime, anywhere” connection was pushed to its edges. Businesses of all kinds, ours included, had to navigate a new set of rules that didn’t exist yet. So we transformed in real time, and perhaps you did, too. And perhaps you discovered, like us, that though we already knew the value of a digital-first approach, any successful rebound starts with people.  

People who show up, adapt, reach out, and start again. 

We made the right call last year, though at this particular moment, the word “tagline” feels constricting. “Let’s go connect” is a call to action. It’s a rally and an invitation. It’s an affirmation about a way forward. It’s optimism.  

And it’s ours. Welcome to the new OSG.

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