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Database enhancements and hygeine

Enhanced databases and effective communications.

Implement a marketing database program that simplifies decision-making by providing a more holistic understanding of customers, expires, and prospects. OSG uses a variety of tools—including CASS certification, merge/purge processing, and NCOA—to keep lists up to date and to maximize deliverability. OSG’s extensive marketing knowledge and state-of-the-art technology enable you to fully utilize all database assets to engage your customers.

Benefit from services that include:

Data standardization

Normalize and validate records for easy access.

Data append

Update names, addresses, telephone numbers, as well as demographic, geographic, and lifestyle information.

Duplicate exclusion

Our merge/purge process identifies duplicate records to make your marketing more efficient.

List maintenance and fulfillment

Convert your data into a more marketable database to increase its integrity and your revenue.

Modeling and scoring

Develop customer profiles and analyze lifetime value.

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OSG is the gold standard when it comes to enhanced databases to fuel effective communications. Our customers benefit from database enhancements and hygiene processes that simplify decision-making, keep lists updated, and maximize deliverability metrics.

Harness the power of your data.

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