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Customer Win Back

Win back the right customers.

Reconnect with the right customers through targeted campaigns and unique strategies proven to bring your lapsed customers back into the fold. Let OSG’s customer win-back solutions help you discover the best ways to get back in touch.

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At OSG, clients like CloudPay and Burt’s Bees look to us to help them re-engage with their clients and keep them top of mind through SMS, email, ringless voicemail, pop-ups, chat capabilities, and more.

Benefit from services that include:

Data appends

Data appends to update contact and personal information.

Predictive modeling

Model customer behavior to identify former customers who have the highest likelihood of being reactivated.

Website engagements

Website engagements, including exit-intent pop-ups, onsite retargeting, and interactive chatbots.

Targeted outbound calls
Targeted outbound calls and ringless voicemail solutions.
SMS/MMS text campaigns
Opt-in SMS/MMS text messaging in support of email and direct mail campaigns.
Retargeting and social media search optimization.
Predictive campaigns

Using customer behavior data, develop trigger campaigns to reacquire lost customers and lost revenue.

Move forward with a win-back plan.

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