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Customer Retention

Improved retention tactics and a bigger bottom line.

It costs far more to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones. Keeping your customers by investing in customer analysis and scoring, proactive marketing, and ongoing nurturing with relevant, personalized outreach has a dramatic impact on your bottom line. OSG is here to help. We’ve assembled tried and true retention marketing strategies in a package that simplifies the work and garners results.

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When Discovery Education needed help driving increased engagement and adoption across their current user base, OSG developed an omnichannel digital campaign with breakthrough messaging to articulate the brand’s value proposition across various audience segments and drive interaction.

Benefit from services that include:

Pre-churn analysis

Pre-churn analysis to identify high retention risk customers.

List management

List management and append services for essential info such as email, phone, and demographic data.


Segmentation to fuel automated campaigns.

Personalized email marketing

Personalized email marketing to increase engagement.


Retargeting ads, text messages, and outbound calls to stay top of mind.

Keep your existing customers in the fold.

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