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We put the power in your hands—the power to engage your customers, simplify your processes, and enhance your entire operation. Our customer communication tools encompass everything from self-service letter creation to critical document management. What they all have in common is you.

Our Solutions

Campaign Composer

A good campaign hits all the right notes, engaging your customer with relevant, timely messages. Delve into your critical customer data to design targeted campaigns for each individual. With the power of OSG Campaign Composer, leverage your existing communications to further engage your customer base. Your next great composition awaits.

Dynamic Messaging

On any given day, your customer is on the receiving end of hundreds of emails and letters, each competing for attention. How do you stand out? With messages as dynamic as your customer. OSG Dynamic Messaging reimagines the power of your monthly bill or statement. Personalized messages added to your invoice or supplementary materials change a typical interaction into an opportunity to propel further engagement and create lasting customer loyalty.

Other services include:

  • Envelope messaging
  • Additional messaging page
  • Inserts

Letter Composer

Letter writing done the right way. OSG Letter Composer streamlines the creation and distribution process, putting you in control. The look, the feel, the recipients: it’s all up to you. Whether it lands in an inbox or a mailbox, Letter Composer will make sure your message gets through.

Insight Analysis

What draws a customer’s eye? What makes him or her stop and pay attention? What is it about a specific email, landing page, or letter that separates you from the crowd?

Insight Analysis predicts, with 92% accuracy, what captures the human eye, analyzing the design of your tailored message and making the right suggestions to increase your engagement level. Because you shouldn’t just capture someone’s attention—you should keep it.

Online Document Scanning & Storage

Goodbye, filing cabinets. Online document scanning and storage puts your library of important documents, notices, and statements at your fingertips. Securely encrypted and password protected, critical files are available for instant access and retrieval by any authorized user. Keep your business streamlined, organized, and simplified.

Other services include:

  • Data entry
  • Database management

Manage every critical customer interaction.

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