Simplify your B2B process.

B2B Marketing

Transformation through automation.

Our comprehensive suite of B2B solutions expedites the revenue cycle for Accounts Receivable processes. Tailored to your organization’s business rules, these scalable solutions leverage automation capabilities to streamline cross-company functionality, enhancing communication, visibility, and operating efficiency between you and your trading partners.

Take manual AR functions and turn them into a touchless automated process. Leveraging cloud-based technologies, our end-to-end solution improves working capital, simplifies the workflow management process, and strengthens relationships with your partners.

Benefit from services that include:

Single-access portal

Invoice presentment, workflow management, customer notifications, and payment initiation.

Versatile and easy

Fully configurable and easy implementation.

Simplified import and review

Customer invoice import from any format—file, email, API, or even paper. Ability to review, approve, dispute, and adjust invoices.

Integrated receivables

Automated data extraction and matching and consolidated view of cash application.

Flexible payments

You can leverage our payment processing, or we can integrate with your bank or processor.

Transition management

Seamless customer conversion to a digital process.

Let automation do the work for you.

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