3 Ways AP Automation Can Enhance Your Data Security in 2020

L. Bull
January 15th, 2020 - 3:59AM

While resolving to improve eating habits and create gym routines are worthy goals, we recommend extending a similar “self-care” approach to business operations. Moving your accounts payable to an automated platform that protects your data and offers you more control is the healthiest way to usher in the new year.

In a Paystream survey, companies ranked “improved security and control” as the third most enticing reason to switch to cloud-based automation for A/P, after “streamlined requisition and procurement processes” and “better visibility and transparency across procurement.” Although migration to the cloud may seem counter-intuitive to improving data security in this Age of Breaches, cloud-based automation actually has several security advantages. Here are our top three:

1. Automation has the approachability of email—without the poach-ability.

Moving confidential data from a system of record to an email—even an email between colleagues at the same enterprise—leaves that information open to outside hacks. A cloud solution protects these internal file shares, guarding the content, and the people sharing it.

2. Automation doesn’t have the pitfalls of paper.

Paper isn’t obsolete, but the long-held belief that it’s the most secure option should be. Paper can get lost. Paper can get left out in the open. Paper also leaves room for human error, as the data it contains often must be manually typed. You can’t misplace automation; it won’t get lost in a filing cabinet.

3. Automation is a two-fold security enhancement.

Another important point that seems counter-intuitive at first: Transparency is a kind of security. But it’s true – the ability to track your company’s operations step-by-step is essential for auditing. Automation creates a digital trail that keeps your enterprise honest when it comes to data. Feel secure knowing that these records are automated and at-the-ready.

The best part of a data security resolution? If you stick to it, it will stick to you and your enterprise. A reputation for security is one you want following you around, well past 2020.

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